You’re Unique in Your Own Way

“Mumma why are there seeds in different bags?” asked Ganesh on his first visit to nursery.

His mother smiled, “Son all those seeds are of different trees and they will grow on to bear different fruits”. “But I want only mango trees!” cried Ganesh. “Why can’t they all be mango trees?”

“My dear son” his mother explained, “Every seed has a different purpose and a different journey. All can’t be the same. If all trees where mango trees eventually you will get bored by looking at them and eating mangoes. Having a variety of other trees and fruits is what makes us value them all the more.”

Ganesh was not happy on hearing this but he accepted the fact that his mother was right. He would miss other fruits like guava and litchi. His mother further continued, “Same goes for us in life. Every individual is born with their own traits and personality. You can’t be me and I can’t possibly the one standing there by the tree. We all have our own missions, own paths to trace and own hearts to follow. Never be scared to embrace your individuality. You are made the way you are because the world needs someone exactly like you. You are one of a kind always remember that.

“Yes Mumma” Ganesh grinned.
The mother also smiled knowing that today she had taught her son a very important lesson.

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