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Why Become an entrepreneur ???


Entrepreneurship is a way of living life, having control of life is in your own hand and taking call of your own shots, taking risks, developing new things every now and then and having the fun of the adventure that lies within the realm of unpredictable future, is just amazing!

Just imagine a scenario where you are driving a supercar and just sitting inside it with the control of steering wheel and the accelerator lying in someone else’s hands.

Will you not feel bored or frustrated for having to run by else’s speed?

That’s an Entrepreneur, who takes control of his/her life in its own hands and runs the show.

An Entrepreneur is –

– a creator,

– a developer,

– a designer, and

– a driver

of his/her own life and thereby is a source of the renaissance in the entire society, by providing the solutions of the problems they are facing, by creating more job scenarios and inspiring other fellows with his/her story.

So, anyone who wants to take control of its life, their time, their lifestyle, & who wants to live a life of choices, should choose to become an ENTREPRENEUR

JOURNEY of an Entrepreneur is more of a ROLLER COASTER ride, ups and downs are usual. . .

And these are the situations in a business an Entrepreneur goes through to polish himself and become so strong that he can deal with any challenge one faces in life.

There are many things that no book in the world can teach you.

These are the things that are most possibly experienced by only the Entrepreneurs – growing through the challenges they deal in life.

The most important aspect of an ENTREPRENEUR’S life is to learn to *FIGURE OUT* what is not available to them. They think through every situation and come out even better and stronger then they were in the past.

Written by: Sourabh Goyal

Edited by: Nikita Aggarwal

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