Dum Dum Deega Deega (Dancing in the Rain)

We all have problems but the way to solve it is to have a different outlook towards the situation.

Watch in this short film how a little boy Ajju sorts out his problems. The story of a beggar child, Ajju, who lives on the streets of Mumbai, but dreams big. He challenges his unfortunate fate, with nothing but a ‘different outlook’ towards the situation he faces.


Stop only when you get success!

Did you stopped walking

when you fell down after your first step?

Did you stopped writing 

When it was hard to write B, after learning A?

Or did you just stopped speaking 

When  your pronunciation for Zebra was wrong?

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The Power of You

You have the power of sun
to shine the universe,
and the calmness of the moon
to make more pleasant earth.
You have the stillness of the river
to handle the troubles,
and the strength of the mountains
to tackle any situation.
You have  an individual you
that can’t be me or anyone else
to do something not ever done,
because there is no one
in the seven billions people
who will exactly replace you.


Century – A Republic day short film | Be Kind | Be Hero

Century is a story of unsung heroes of India who work consistently towards development of our society but their work never gets recognised.


Mera Beta Engineer nahi ban sakta | Sapne Wapne | Exam | Exam Results

Sapne Wapne is a story of the students whose ambitions are overshadowed by their Parent’s unreasonable dreams. Engineer, Doctor, CA, MBA is what they dream about their kids completely ignoring their potential. Even kids are afraid to express their ambitions by thinking about the consequences.