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Positive thinking leads to positive life

Positive thinking is a skill that can be learned to create happiness. According to psychology, our mind controls our body. Each person is very much capable of controlling their own mind to achieve what they desire but sometimes we fail to do so. We fail because we value others thoughts and judgments in spite of believing on own thoughts. And leads us to the nasty world of negativity. So, taking the control of your mind becomes an important factor in keeping your body healthy.

Positive thinking starts with self-talk.

Self-talk? What is it?

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India is solving problems by new Innovations

India is the biggest youth power in the world now. We are working on many problems and trying to come up with easy, less expensive and sustainable solution for varieties of the problem. But you may not still believe that how Innovative we are, as our mind is trained to follow western development and make them as standard. We are developing in our own way.


You’re Unique in Your Own Way

“Mumma why are there seeds in different bags?” asked Ganesh on his first visit to nursery.

His mother smiled, “Son all those seeds are of different trees and they will grow on to bear different fruits”. “But I want only mango trees!” cried Ganesh. “Why can’t they all be mango trees?”

“My dear son” his mother explained, “Every seed has a different purpose and a different journey. All can’t be the same. If all trees where mango trees eventually you will get bored by looking at them and eating mangoes. Having a variety of other trees and fruits is what makes us value them all the more.”

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Greek short film: An old father, son and Sparrow

Our parents are our creator, the God, who made us what we are today and what we will be in future. They have sacrificed many days and night, and even their own food to give us all of the comforts of life. Don’t you remember how Dad used to bring your favorite sweets on your birthday, how Mom use to awake whole night when you were ill?

We all are getting older under their care and protection. They had made us capable of traveling alone, live alone and make decision. But as we are getting old our parents are also aging and they are getting older faster than us. They are expecting the same care and same attentions from our side.

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Mera Beta Engineer nahi ban sakta | Sapne Wapne | Exam | Exam Results

Sapne Wapne is a story of the students whose ambitions are overshadowed by their Parent’s unreasonable dreams. Engineer, Doctor, CA, MBA is what they dream about their kids completely ignoring their potential. Even kids are afraid to express their ambitions by thinking about the consequences.