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Greek short film: An old father, son and Sparrow

Our parents are our creator, the God, who made us what we are today and what we will be in future. They have sacrificed many days and night, and even their own food to give us all of the comforts of life. Don’t you remember how Dad used to bring your favorite sweets on your birthday, how Mom use to awake whole night when you were ill?

We all are getting older under their care and protection. They had made us capable of traveling alone, live alone and make decision. But as we are getting old our parents are also aging and they are getting older faster than us. They are expecting the same care and same attentions from our side.

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Find someone who inspires you – Go find them || Relationship Goals

It only takes a quick google or an instagram search to see that Relationship Goals are a real thing. Often they are humorous and funny but recently I have begun to see a lot more with a deeper tone. The reason is because we are all looking for meaningful relationships, with genuine love, authentic personalities and loyalty.


A surprise by proud son

A Son gave a Surprise to his Parents by Paying off their Home Loan in Full… They did everything for Him and when the Time came for him to Give Back He Didn’t Turn his Back… A Proud Son… Must Watch their Priceless Reaction…
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Happy Mother’s Day

While smiling or crying. While falling or hurting. You always remembered her. To the first doctor you ever called.

मेरी ख़्वाहिश है कि मैं फिर से फ़रिश्ता हो जाऊँ ,
माँ से इस तरह लिपट जाऊँ कि बच्चा हो जाऊँ !!

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