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Positive thinking leads to positive life

Positive thinking is a skill that can be learned to create happiness. According to psychology, our mind controls our body. Each person is very much capable of controlling their own mind to achieve what they desire but sometimes we fail to do so. We fail because we value others thoughts and judgments in spite of believing on own thoughts. And leads us to the nasty world of negativity. So, taking the control of your mind becomes an important factor in keeping your body healthy.

Positive thinking starts with self-talk.

Self-talk? What is it?

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Mera Beta Engineer nahi ban sakta | Sapne Wapne | Exam | Exam Results

Sapne Wapne is a story of the students whose ambitions are overshadowed by their Parent’s unreasonable dreams. Engineer, Doctor, CA, MBA is what they dream about their kids completely ignoring their potential. Even kids are afraid to express their ambitions by thinking about the consequences.


Aagun Pakhi || Inspiration & Ordinary Person

Bipin Ganatra has been fighting fires ever since he lost his brother at a young age. For 40 years, his bravery and spirit have made him an honorary member of the Kolkata Fire Department. Watch as ‘Aagun Pakhi’ takes on the raging fires and saves lives, every day.


Ambulance Dada || Inspiration & Ordinary Person

Malik and Armaan Malik shares a fun time with Comedy King Kapil Sharma in his Mohalla in the 15th Episode of ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’. To watch it online Download the Sony LIV app.


The Iceman || Inspiration & Ordinary Person

This is the story of Chewang Norphel, a man who took on the challenge of solving Ladakh’s water crisis, by curating 15 artificial glaciers. Watch how The Iceman’s efforts restored normal life and won him the honour of Padmashree Award in 2015.