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10 types of students you find during exam time

10 types of students you find during exam time

“ 10 Types Of students you find during examination Hall” 


  1. The calm type(s): this type of student enter the exam hall like a calm breeze . There demeanor is so unnoticeable and yet so vibrant . They come and go without a noise , making other people wonder that whether they are the know-it-all types or know-nothing-at-all types  . During the exam they are never seen breaking a sweat and neither they have any sign of enthusiasm. YOU can’t predict their result  (and maybe neither can they…LOL  ) !
  2. the know- it- all(s) : the name says it !! They literally know each and everything. Before the exam begins they are the prime  players in any peer  discussion(s). During exams they are never found pondering over .As they know-it-all already , so they fill the sheets continuously without a stop . At the last 15 mins , they can be found revising their sheet for the 3rd time .
  3. The optimistic( s): “everything will be all right “ can be their catch statement . They are always radiating with optimism , sometimes consoling others too ,that there is nothing to worry . Even when they don’t know anything during exams or discussions , they don’t panic . They are the CHILLAX category .
  4. The WHO -CARES one(s) : no matter they fail or pass , it doesn’t matter to them . It seems they have back-ups and escape routes , if they don’t pass .
  5. The nervous one(s): these are the guys with exams written all over their faces . Their palms are sweaty and with their faces all squeezed up , they feel like the end of the world is near .
  6. The depressed one(s) : they enter the hall with gloomy eyes . Talk to them and they will tell you’re their sad stories of why they didn’t study , why they couldn’t study and how their parents will kill them if they don’t pass .ONE ADVICE – its better you stay away from them at least in the exam hall . They can take you down with them (no joking here ).
  7. .The religious one(s) : they enter the hall with a “tilak” in their forehead . They pray to God before writing the exams and sometimes they even make religious symbols in their sheets (perhaps assuming that doing that will appeal the gods sitting in the heavens …LOL)!
  8. The mischievous one(s) : the name says it all . While the exams are going on , they can always be found saying objectionable stuff , throwing chits from one row to the their  pal on the other bench, and if nothing else -disturbing other students  .Well we all do cheat but their style of cheating is pretty noisy and bold too . They are so fearless while they do it and perhaps , they are the ones who get caught too !
  9. The liar(s) : and this can be your best friend many a times . These people are buddies to none when it comes to exams . The same person who WhatsApp’s you  last night , “bro , I don’t know anything , and I will leave some portion “, the same person declares the next day:” I ATTEMPTED ALL “ .SO smell these doggies  and run ! And if you are one , sorry but please don’t fall here . It hurts you know .
  10. The overconfident  one(s): they seem to know everything  before the exams . After the exams  they are  the most disappointed of all . Why so ? >Overconfidence  !

Written and edited  by : Nalin Bhatt

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