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Saturday Surprise #2: A 50-cent microscope that folds like origami

Hello, Friends!, How are you doing this weekend?   Hope! you have enjoyed our first Saturday Surprise. If you hadn’t checked yet, check it now. For a reminder, today(5th Aug 2017) is the  31st Saturday of 2017 out of  52. And here is our second Saturday Surprise.

My pick for today’s surprise is a talk by  Prof. Manu Prakash one brilliant scientist who is trying to solve our complex problems with easy going handy methods.

Problems can be anything like reducing the size of the microscope to our daily life problems. And most of the time we are ending to thinking of some hard complex solution of the problem. But when you observe toddlers to trying to solve their problem of fixing toys or standing up or getting things down from the shelves, they come up with very easy ideas.

The question is why we are not getting handy ideas to solve our problem? Hmm, we don’t need to think much about it, because we use to overthink our problem. Overthinking is making our problem big as like galaxy. And it makes our matured brain to produce a complex solution. A complex solution that can’t be possible to work on.

So, be like a kid, use logic and don’t over think your problem. Break them into pieces, work on small parts. Solve it in your own way, may be no one have solved it like that yet.

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