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GF and BF relationships of 21st century

In starting of every relationship, we feel very much excited about each other. Everything that we do together becomes a “first-time” thing for us. First time going to shopping, first time eating pizza together, first time watching a movie in the theatre, first time hugging, kissing and blah blah…. But these first-time things end in one or 2 years if we consider 21st centuries relationships. It’s because nowadays, everyone is in a hurry of doing as much thing as they can in less time. That’s good also in some cases but here it’s different.  

So when two peoples have spent so many good days together. Made so many beautiful memories find out that now there is nothing new in their relationship, they lose the excitement of being in a relationship. This happens either from one side or both. Mostly it is from one side. 

One of the reasons behind why this happens is that we decide to get into a relationship in very less time, without observing each others behaviour. We even don’t know small habits of each other. In starting phase, we are so much excited as we are doing many things first time with someone, that we don’t observe each other. But the sad part is when the excitement is gone, all first thing is over, we come back to our boring life then we start to notice the annoying habits or behaviour of our partner. We start complaining, judging and end up with the breakup. 

So what I think why this happens is – we don’t want to be alone. We want someone who can listen to us. So we try to get into relationship asap. I don’t think it’s wrong, I just think some things should be changed to make it right.

In my views, instead of getting into a relationship, we can still continue to talk to each other. Try to understand whether they are of our type or not.  And when we have understood each others behaviour, nature, habits and everything which we need to know, and still we are ok with that. Then it is the right time to get into a relationship.

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