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The long and tiring admission procedure dominates aspirant’s minds as soon as they are done with their intermediate exams , which involves various life-changing decisions. A lot of pressure and huge expectations are placed on a student’s shoulders after all its that’s why we study, to make a  bright career . And the juncture that most students get caught up at is the great debate of the college versus  course.

On one hand one have a prominent, reputed college with great market value of its own, while on the other hand you have your interests, your desired course. So its definitely  a very tough call to make. With such cut throat competition one can’t simply pursue any course in any college. The decision has to be well thought of.  And before making this decision, a student should understand that a college tags for three/four years while the discipline tags throughout the career.

So if one has a  clear vision for the future prioritizing course over college is the right way to go i.e don’t choose a course which does not interest you.  Pursuing a course just because you were not able to make it to the merit lists of your desired course in the expected  colleges, is a total waste of time.

When you set your mind to a goal, no one can stop you from achieving it.

So do what you love you do and make efforts to achieve it instead of wasting time or loosing hope. There is always a B plan !!  You have to choose the best option available which will make your career fruitful.

Steve Jobs believed that,

“The only way to do great work is to love what you do.”

So if you know what you love, if you know your passion go for it.
Also if you aim to pursue research and higher studies in any specific area then choosing course over college just might be the right decision. Ultimately your sparkle is your knowledge and capabilities. So, it is very important to analyze your strengths and strong interest area.

Now though one might feel that passion is everything, it cannot be denied that college plays an important role in shaping up a student’s life. Going to a reputed college does make a difference to your career, especially when you have no set plans for your future. At times, it helps in choosing a path amidst your random career thoughts. Moreover if you want an on campus placement, prioritizing the college is the right way to go.

As a matter of fact, both the college and the course are equally important. None can be completely neglected. Further, choosing a college over course or a course over college is a matter of choice and identity. There is no general solution to this dilemma.  Every individual has different goals in life. Proper balance among the two – that is what is necessary.

Right decisions in right time leads to success in career planning and in life. When it comes to career, we need to take several small steps in right time to get success. It is very important that we prioritize our decision according to importance. So if you have a passion, pursue it and take admission in the best institute for that field. Because college environment and faculty do make a difference, it is important that you scrutinize your options for the field of your choice that is apt for your capabilities.

But, if you are still struggling to find out what interests you- a good college is your best bet. It will give you good education and a holistic approach to personality development which will take you further in life.

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