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Long Distance Relationships (even saying it takes time)

Hey, friends, this post is not for all of us. Ya, anyone can read it. But, only some will get something out of it. And I think the post title conveys who is gonna like this post.

Long distance relationship is very common between 22-28 years age people. And sometimes it starts before that age too. In starting, nothing looks so different. As we have lots of memories to stick on. This easy going time may last for a year or two. It very much depends on the circumstances in which you are living. If we have friends who spend a lot of time with their boyfriends, doing clubbing or if you are studying in a really romantic place like some hill stations, then life’s gonna show you tough times.  And the easy going time will soon be over and you are gonna miss everything you had. You will meet new peoples and would definitely want to spend some quality time with some of them. And there may be someone who is attracted towards you, or you are attracted towards someone. Millions of thoughts run through your mind.  You don’t want to cheat your boyfriend/ girlfriend ever. But you can’t deny the fact that you are missing what others are having. So, you pass many days and ignore the feeling which you are going through. Well, it’s easy to say that you have to control yourself and be loyal. But, it is easy only for saying. Doing it takes your heart and soul out. But does long distance relationships supposed to be like this? So much pain, so much struggle.

No… Not at all.There must be some way, there has to be.

All those who are in a long distance relationship and you think that your partner is perfect for you but the only problem is distance, you need to see what’s actually happening. Let’s take an example, when we eat something we love to eat like ice cream or pizza, we become so happy. Isn’t it? But just imagine yourself eating that ice cream daily expecting the same excitement and happiness.Will you get it?. Well, I doubt it. At most you are gonna hate it on the 15th day.  Similarly, in long distance relationship also, when we don’t meet our partners for a long time, we want to feel that excitement again. And when we spend some good time with another guy, we feel that same excitement that we felt when we ate ice cream. But we don’t eat ice cream daily because we know that it’s not good for us.

So, why not in relationships. And it’s your life partner you are talking about. Life partners are not supposed to make you feel exciting every time you meet him/her. Everything becomes boring and usual and loses excitement after some time. But, we don’t stop doing them. Another example can be, which is a weird one, our parents. Well, they don’t always act like we want them to. However, other parents may act like we want. But, do we think to change our parents, or going to their house and living with them for some time. We don’t do that. Because we belong to them and we like our parent’s company no matter how they are. We are most comfortable in front of them only.
So, the person who you choose for yourself might not be with you all the time, might not  look that charming after 3-4 years or may not excite you much, but if you are most comfortable with him, then no matter how much other handsome guys attract you, he/she is the one, you should spend rest of your life with.

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