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Career: The most important word we have been hearing  all our lives .

When we are being supported by of our parents, siblings, teachers, schools, it is just for us  to make a good career and live a stable life (which actually it  never becomes  !).

Hello everyone, My name is SOURABH GOYAL, I was born and brought up in a traditional Baniya business family (I thank god every day for that). We are one big  family, who are always traditional with their approach ; and being one of the youngest 4 among  16 cousins, I got a chance to observe life closely without any hassle of family responsibilities (perks of being blessed with 2 elder siblings). I saw my cousins growing up to higher grades, then college, and they set out to the business world (joined family business) to take over parents responsibilities as a part of the tradition, although our parents never stopped us if we chose to do something different. But, the family business is the only thing me and my cousins could see as a way of earning there living because  they never set out to interact with the sea of opportunities available only 35 km from our home (I am talking about DELHI) .

So, handling the family business, getting married, and fighting with day to day expenses, they forgot to catch up with the fast-moving world and I was too small to make them understand. For me, this was the first example of how one can spend life (I had no one else to look up to at that time).  I could never accept  the idea of this kind of life.

Being passionate about automobile designing I chose to take admission in mechanical engineering and just after my college ended up in 2011 , I started a job. I loved to create new designs and initially ,the mechanical processes of manufacturing made me happy . I started visiting our clients and met almost all the senior corporate people and observed them closely, I had in front of me another example of how you can spend your life. THE CORPORATE LIFE

Plastic smiles, fake relationships, race  to get promotions, doing hard work to  look superior, inflated ego because you have been to a  premium college I felt that If  I stayed  in that environment I won’t build   any character, integrity,  courage, responsibility,respect, guts and  nor GLORY. If people respect you just because of your premium institute degree, tag of a MNC on your forehead, and your designation then what is your worth without those . What are you  . WHO ARE YOU ?

Try to make a call to one of your vendors and don’t tell them which company you are from, just take your name and say i want this thing to be done and you will get the answer of WHO ARE YOU??

THE BEST OF LIVING (not spending) LIFE :

Accept the fact that whatever we are doing in our day to day life is just for the sake of  earning money.If you don’t agree , I want to ask you one thing : WILL YOU KEEP GOING TO DO YOUR JOB  if you are not getting paid ?

LIVING A LIFE has got nothing to do with your job, business, and whatever profession you are into.

That means higher degrees, great certifications, being a winner among your colleagues, the race for going on to the top of the corporate ladder is not adding any value for living a happy life. Just ask yourselves  : ARE YOU REALLY HAPPY EVEN IF YOU ARE AT THE PEAK OF YOUR CAREER (please be honest with yourself) ?

PS:I am not against taking education from premium colleges or doing a job in an MNC.

Career is one thing that gets money at home, that means CAREER is just one small part of life and we end up spending almost 70% of our lifetime building our career, we keep aside friends, family, relatives, social life, spiritual life, and we have accepted this of life as our final fate. I REJECTED TO SPEND MY LIFE LIKE THIS WHEN I WAS 22.

TODAY I am 27 years old and I am happily unmarried too 😛  . I am an entrepreneur, trainer and motivator building my happy life .The togetherness of family, friends, business associates, kids at home fulfills my life and I feel blessed and grateful to receive this wisdom at an early age. In simple words the day you will be having control of your life in your own hands , you will get to know what is happiness 🙂

I  LIVE, I  LOVE, I  LAUGH … This is the way of life I have to develop for myself.

Written by: Sourabh Goyal

Edited by : Nalin Bhatt

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