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Being Judgmental(Shivangi)

This time topic is quite self-revealing about what I m going to discuss. So let’s talk about it. All of us know that being judgemental is a bad thing. But some or other time we tend to do this knowingly or unknowingly. Mostly when some girls have more than one affair, or when someone is doing something out of the league, or when someone has a different belief system, etc, etc. I can quote many but let’s stop and talk how to stop all these things.

Well, I have caught myself judging others very few times. And the biggest reason is a simple thought which is always there in my mind. Before telling my thought I will share one dialogue from a movie, which says- “Whenever we have to judge someone with justice we must always imagine ourselves wearing the same boots which the other person wore, and walk with them for some time”, then you can take a correct decision.  

In Gitaa it was said that nyay (justice) must be made with a feel of Karuna. We must try to feel what other people must have gone through, what type of conditions have led him to do this. So this is what comes to my mind at the time when such situation arises. If I were in the exact same situation I might as well done the same thing. And as we all know we never judge ourselves. So how can I  judge myself this time? We just understand our situation. So this is what I end up with. I try to understand the situation which my friend has gone through and don’t end with judging them.

One other major side effect of judging is bringing fear in our own life. When we judge someone we say that how can he do that. But it’s also not wrong that in life there are many mistakes which happen in everyone’s life. So when we get into the same problem as others have gone through. We have already said a lot about them. And we are left with no help from outside world. As we have made enough chaos in everyone’s life, so we already know that no one will come to help us. And the worst part is, we are afraid that someday our secret life will be open to everybody and they will know what I’m in reality.

So friends don’t be judgemental, it’s always mostly the situation which makes a person do some wrong, try to understand them and most important thing is our time is very precious don’t waste it in others, invest it in making a better you every day. 


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