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I wish I had a little more time……

“Arjun feels if only he had more time he could travel and see the world.

His son Abhimanyu feels that if daddy had more time maybe they could play together.

Natasha feels that her life has just been revolving around the house and Abhimanyu. She needs to take out time for herself.”

Members of the same family all longing for time! Well isn’t lack of time our biggest problem ! Will we ever feel that we have enough time? Will we ever be satisfied?

School and homework, activities and chores, sleeping and eating! Oh my God! So much to fit in a single day. Wouldn’t it be simpler if time was like a tape- you could slow down, pause, stop or rewind. I wish it were that easy!

Each one of us has the same 24 hours, the same night and day to do what we have to do. So I guess how we manage our time is what makes all the difference. Whether it is making time for friends, completing assignments, watching TV or pursuing a hobby all can be managed if one plans and prioritizes. And the first step towards this is dividing your life into ‘Have-To’s’, ‘Wan’t-to’s ‘and our ‘Goals’. You need to prioritize your activities and set deadlines.

Then, analyze how much time do you require to get things done and where all your precious moments are going. Many times it has been observed that we waste a lot of our time on unnecessary tasks, thus it is important that we eliminate such tasks from our lives. Enjoy ! what you want to enjoy but don’t spend too much time on a single activity, this way you will not be able to do other things that are required.

Maintain a to-do list. Refer to it and update it regularly. This will help you keep track of what needs to be done. It will save time and make you feel in control.

Most important of all , avoid procrastinating. Not doing things and avoiding decisions can have a more severe impact than taking the wrong decisions. The best time to do something is now. Taking action generates the motivation for further action. So do what you feel is right and deal with the results later on.

And don’t forget to keep a little extra time on hand for backlogs.

If you are able to master all these tips, I guess you are good to go. And don’t worry, if it takes time! Investing your time to learn time management now is bound to save you a lot of time in the future.

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