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Government jobs preparation || YuvaManthan

Cracking government jobs
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How to prepare for government jobs with Vivek Sharan ||Yuvamanthan

Government jobs have always been the conventional and the most competitive path for students seeking employment .In this talk , Mr. Vivek Sharan will guide you with the right way to prepare for government jobs . Jobs like SSC, UPSC, and jobs in banks and in railways will be discussed upon . You will learn the pros and cons of both government jobs and private jobs

Besides this , you will get to know whether you are made for government sector or not  . Jobs  in private sectors have increased considerably and people like to opt for private jobs . But sometimes they enter the corporate sector , just because you get a job there at a considerably small age as compared to people who go for government jobs . Because when you want a  career in the government sector , it takes many years of toil and effort to crack it , considering the large number of applicants and very few vacancies available in comparison . But maybe you are still made for a government job  and perhaps with proper guidance you can make it to your dream  career .


           By the end of video you will be clear on:

  1. difference between a private and  government jobs
  2. pros and cons of both
  3. what should be your career path
  4. and also , if you are into  jobs in the government sector, then you will also be clear on how to crack them the smart way

Watch this great video to land on your dream government job !

Mr. Vivek Sharan –  is a manager IT in Gramin Bank Of Aryavart.

Written by : Nalin Bhatt

Also watch :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YJmFITnYvzI

and Visit:http://www.yuvamanthan.in/about-us/ to know more about Yuvamanthan .

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