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Father , I love you !

Father's Day

Father’s day comes every year  on a particular day of june, but we live it, each and every day .

You know , we are what we are due to our parents . While  our mothers give us all the tenderness and care , it is our fathers who are the beacon to us . They have the most  serious responsibility of uplifting their child and make them strong to face the world . They are the ones who made us physically,mentally and morally strong as we are .

You must have heard people say something like : ” My father used to tell me…” or  “My father used to say ..” .Exactly ! This is what a father takes on his shoulders – to guide his child so that he/she remembers the lessons forever.

You see  – to be a father may be the most important responsibility of his life  and we love and respect that . And to show our love and respect for him , we celebrate Father’s day .

Happy Father’s day to all the fathers  !

Written by : Nalin Bhatt

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