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And finally, he was free, free to live his dreams and his life, Free to feel safe and finally, he was happy. He wouldn’t have to sleep with tears in eyes and scars on his soul. He would not just be an object anymore but will be an individual with an identity of his own.His breaths will not be forced and controlled but as pure as he wants. He would no more be scared of the dark. He wouldn’t be frightened by the mere thought of footsteps reaching towards him

They all talked a lot about their security, their rights, feminism, molestation blamed all men for everything happening to her. He watched it all, heard it all yet kept quiet cause if he would have opened his mouth, the world would have made fun of him and laughed. He wrote it down and shared each of his feelings with none but himself.
And finally, when they reported yet another rape case and the victim being murdered thereafter, he didn’t feel bad or dropped a tear, he didn’t feel sorry anymore, he rather smiled for the victim now, was once a molester.
He loved the idea of getting to feel what the victim made him feel years ago helpless, tortured, captivated, disastrous and above all, empty. (not just physically but mentally & emotionally). He felt glad for what happened cause this time the real victim was an HE and the monstrous molester, a SHE.

This is the era where we give priority to women empowerment, their protection, and awareness about their rights and equality amongst the society. But we, in this process forget somehow the legal ethical rights of males and their personal space and protection and place in the society. It is okay to take care of the fragile but one must not forget that there are always two sides of the coin and we must not neglect any of it.
By the story,  we tend to put forward the very idea of male bashing and their problems as well. The world is cruel and safe,  both for men and women, it is on us, how we look at it and conclude. As we live in a patriarchal society we generalize the fact that males are strong and they cannot be abused but the reality is,  they too are human beings and must be treated in the same manner. ‘

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