Do not let peer pressure control you

“Just a puff”, everyone said and that’s how it all started. Unofficial fresher’s party at college, not wanting to be called out a loser, she gave it a try. She did not like it but everyone was smoking so she figured she’d continue. Slowly, she started getting the hang of it. ‘I had fun but this was the first and last time’ she thought as she returned to the hostel. But what do you know, one party to another and into the time she had progressed from smoking to drinking to drugs. 9 months gone and she is an addict now. Her grades are falling; she has lost the sense of the person she used to be; everyone is concerned about her.

Only if she had the nerve to say no at that first party, you could have seen a different person altogether- bright, smart and sincere. Only if she could get past her fears and insecurities, she would be leading a different path right now.

Peer pressure makes us do the things we don’t want to do. The fear of being rejected by our friends dictates us to take actions that are not in favor of our well being. But one has to be firm and not be swayed away by this pressure.

What good are those friends anyway who can’t help you and lead you down the wrong path? Rather, you should be strong enough to guide them out of this vicious circle they are trapped in.

Learn to say ‘NO’.

Yes, it might seem that you are hurting others by saying no but you’ve to do what you want to do. Don’t bother yourself about what others are thinking about you. Be comfortable in your own skin and terms. Do what you know is right rather than following your peers. This does not mean that don’t experiment and try new things, but always know your limits and abide by them.

Peers influence affects your life, even without realizing the fact. Some have a positive impact while others can be deteriorating. So it’s up to us to stand our ground, surround ourselves with good company and help those who are in the dark.

 Positive Peer Pressure


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