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Gossips- I don’t fear you now

In life, we meet lots of people. Some of them like us, some of them don’t. But have you noticed that those who don’t like us used to like us some time? They start disliking when they find something which they think is wrong. And this disliking is just based on their own life’s experience till today. When we get to know this, these things start to bother over mind a lot of times. Our mind cannot see itself not liked by someone. But this is a mind’s problem. Let’s try to see the complete picture.

Suppose someone was once our friend. They used to talk to us nicely. When they came closer, they get to know us. Some of our habits started bothering them. They start thinking about those habits and judging us that why I am like this. When we get to know that they don’t like us because of some habit, first of all, we are hurt. And our mind cannot accept this fact. So it tries to solve this. We go to that person and try to solve it. We somehow manage to feel that now they think good for us. This is what all of us do. But is it the best way to solve these situations.

No, I think there is a better way. Instead of trying to look good in others eye, we must first look ourselves through our own eyes.Why I m saying this is because we should not depend on any others opinion about you. If we will depend, then we will just live our lives based on others likes and dislikes. Our life should not be what others want it to be, it should be what you want it to be.There are many peoples with a different set of life’s experience, if we will base our life on their reaction toward our action, in keeping everyone happy we will never be able to express what we actually are. And that’s a big loss. So, let others think what they wanna think. If you think that your intention and your doings are not bad, then you should always feel good about yourself. You can say to yourself that Continue Reading..


How to give your 100% at the right time

We all must have heard a number of times in different places about- ” Just giving your 100% and stop worrying about the result”. But no one told how and when to do it. Timing and the way we give our 100% is more important than being 100% all the time. I can prove this point just by illustrating some situations.

Whenever we start some new course like graduation/ post- graduation or join a new company, people tell us that we can relax in starting but later we will have to work harder for work completion. But according to me this is the right time for giving your 100%

How to give your 100%?

  1. Now, who so ever says this must have done the same thing in their life too. They say that we can RELAX because there is less work to do in every course in initial phases. But if you really want to be good in something, this initial phase where there is the least burden from academics, you can actually gain +1  points here by doing some homework on your course/job and be a smart guy.
  2. The second reason is – ” The first impression is the last impression”. And trust me either you are in college or in a company, the impression has a big role to play. So instead of representing your lazy self to your boss or your professor.You can become someone who shows interest in every meeting/lecture, who has done a self-study of what’s going to be discussed. In short, just genuinely giving your 100% at the start of your new work. Timing cannot be more perfect.
  3. The last and very important reason is- “Coming out of inertia”. We all have heard about Newton’ s law of inertia. I m not gonna discuss the law, so don’t worry. But the law somewhere says that when some object is not moving(inertia), we need to apply some force for moving it depending upon what speed we want to give to the object. Same thing applies to our life, if we have to come out of inertia of not studying, we need to apply some motivation. Now, the biggest benefit of giving 100 %  in initial phase is that the speed you want to acquire is really low and you can easily get such motivation. But if you RELAX and wait for the burden to increase, you will require an equal amount of inner motivation and commitment.  

It is very well known that this is not what everyone can do and I am no one to force you. I am just trying to show some positive facts of giving 100% at right time. So, guys, I hope this post will be helpful for some of us who wants to be a smart worker in his/ her field.


Dare to Dream: Believe you can

Well, I should start with …..FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS!

All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them and it requires full determination of hard work.
Rest all can be moulded and reset. After all, this life is yours and you have to decide what you want from it and you better know your strengths. As we know this is the era of great competition and exceptional talent, it becomes difficult to find your space in this cut throat competitive world.

One biggest drawback of our present society is the narrow mindedness regarding the courses and career options.
Some parents still force their children to opt for science and maths only. We, on the other hand, all victim of the peer pressure they put on us. And most of the times it results in choosing those options that may or may not lead us to our dream destination. In the worst case scenario, it can turn out to be two minutes noodles that too of bad taste.

Finally who suffers?It’s you!

As it’s not the question of days, weeks or months its the question of our life.

Specifically for the medical and engineering aspirants, I must say, have peace, stay calm. 
If this is what you really want then it’s okay to keep trying otherwise every trial is nothing but just a waste of time and your actual hidden talent. So buckle up your belt and get ready for a new ride in your roller coaster life. Because it’s time to come out from your shell.

There is no shame in choosing science as an option till 12th standard and not being able to handle it further.
If you do not become a doctor or an engineer.The world won’t end as there are ample of options you still have scope for like you can go for e.g BSc (Hons.) in different streams – physics, chemistry, Botany, zoology and much more. The realization of your skills and strengths is utmost important. If by chance this is not what you want in life then you must have the courage to face the reality and also enlighten your parents about it. Share your interests

1.  Tell them what you want to be in your life

2. Which career option you want to choose

3. Share the scope of your chosen career option with your parents so that they become aware.

For example if you are interested in writing, you can choose doing English Hons. or journalism as a bachelor. These courses will open fields for you to emerge and bring exposure to you. As we know “Time is money”  then why you are wasting it.

You might become successful and rich by earning money out of the course you did because someone else suggested you or your parents dreamt of. But what if that was not what you wanted to achieve, it might be enough to fill your stomach and house but what about your Soul? Will that be satisfactory in the long run? Will your work give you happiness, bring you joy? And if the answer is no, then stand for yourself, fight if needed and do what is right.
You get to live only once and make sure that’s worth it.


The basic step of making yours career is  – “To Choose”. 
It is important to know what the person actually wants and then to stand for it and keep working until the last breath.  Giving up is not an option and fearing the consequences will ultimately lead to failures.

Life does not give second chances and there is no such thing as a backup plan. Because till the time comes when one realizes that they have chosen something wrong, it has already been too late. If one is sure about the future plans, then they can go for it or if they are taking risks then it’s better to choose what they want and not others.

Career Mapping is essential, once the career route is mapped one can pursue one’s career goals with full dedication. It will also help you to keep aligned with the development and changes. Choosing the right career for yourself transforms into professional success. It will make you satisfied with your job also.

If one does not wants to end up being just another sheep in the herd then they must not follow the path that is mainstream or cliche. Have the courage to know what is best for you.  And also you can give your best to be the armour of yourself. This life is a one man war and you must be the only army that could win it.


Saturday Surprise #2: A 50-cent microscope that folds like origami

Hello, Friends!, How are you doing this weekend?   Hope! you have enjoyed our first Saturday Surprise. If you hadn’t checked yet, check it now. For a reminder, today(5th Aug 2017) is the  31st Saturday of 2017 out of  52. And here is our second Saturday Surprise.

My pick for today’s surprise is a talk by  Prof. Manu Prakash one brilliant scientist who is trying to solve our complex problems with easy going handy methods.

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First Principle thinking: Elon Musk’s way to solve the problems

Elon is perhaps the world’s most innovative and successful entrepreneur. He is a  nonconformist and thinks that he can change the world. He is one of those few human beings who think differently, out of league someone can ever imagine.

Elon’s company SpaceX has developed a new technology to reuse the orbital launch system as many times as you want. The idea of reusing the orbital launch system can save a lot of money and make space mission more economical. It’s brilliant, isn’t it? Tesla Sedan S and other electric vehicles are also another examples of his excellent innovative thinking.

So, the question is how does Elon think differently than us? In many of his interview, Elon has talked about his way of think differently and is called First Principle Thinking.  and anyone can use this principle to solve problems in the more generic way.

What is first principle thinking?

In Elon’s  words ” First principle is a physics way of looking at the world, what that really means is that you boil things down to the most fundamental truths and then reason up from there…that takes a lot more mental energy.”

How will it help you?

Reasoning by first principle is important because it helps you to break down the situation at ground level and look at the fundamental facts. Understanding of the fundamental facts of the situation can help you to develop your own way to solve a problem rather than looking it as the rest of world thinks.

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