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Saturday Surprise #2: A 50-cent microscope that folds like origami

Hello, Friends!, How are you doing this weekend?   Hope! you have enjoyed our first Saturday Surprise. If you hadn’t checked yet, check it now. For a reminder, today(5th Aug 2017) is the  31st Saturday of 2017 out of  52. And here is our second Saturday Surprise.

My pick for today’s surprise is a talk by  Prof. Manu Prakash one brilliant scientist who is trying to solve our complex problems with easy going handy methods.

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Let’s Concentrate Little More – How to concentrate in a better way

How often do you feel that You are not able to concentrate? or your mind just wanders off to different places ?

Don’t worry ! it happens to all of us. And that’s what this article is all about. Concentration !

Concentration is the ability to focus on the task you have in your hand and say goodbye to all the distractions and diversions. It is one of the pivotal prerequisites for success.

So, how do we achieve this concentration? First and foremost, our mind makeup plays an important role. If we are under stress or not in a good mood, our attention is going to waver eventually. So it is very important that we approach any task with a fresh approach. Advancing towards our goal with enthusiasm is the real key to success. I know it seems like this is all everyone keeps telling to us, but having a positive attitude has a huge impact on our lives. Also, stress is one of the main reasons for the lack of concentration on the task which is in progress. So, indulging in regular physical exercise and meditation is also important.

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Do not let peer pressure control you

“Just a puff”, everyone said and that’s how it all started. Unofficial fresher’s party at college, not wanting to be called out a loser, she gave it a try. She did not like it but everyone was smoking so she figured she’d continue. Slowly, she started getting the hang of it. ‘I had fun but this was the first and last time’ she thought as she returned to the hostel. But what do you know, one party to another and into the time she had progressed from smoking to drinking to drugs. 9 months gone and she is an addict now. Her grades are falling; she has lost the sense of the person she used to be; everyone is concerned about her.

Only if she had the nerve to say no at that first party, you could have seen a different person altogether- bright, smart and sincere. Only if she could get past her fears and insecurities, she would be leading a different path right now.

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Century – A Republic day short film | Be Kind | Be Hero

Century is a story of unsung heroes of India who work consistently towards development of our society but their work never gets recognised.


Ambulance Dada || Inspiration & Ordinary Person

Malik and Armaan Malik shares a fun time with Comedy King Kapil Sharma in his Mohalla in the 15th Episode of ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’. To watch it online Download the Sony LIV app.