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You’re Unique in Your Own Way

“Mumma why are there seeds in different bags?” asked Ganesh on his first visit to nursery.

His mother smiled, “Son all those seeds are of different trees and they will grow on to bear different fruits”. “But I want only mango trees!” cried Ganesh. “Why can’t they all be mango trees?”

“My dear son” his mother explained, “Every seed has a different purpose and a different journey. All can’t be the same. If all trees where mango trees eventually you will get bored by looking at them and eating mangoes. Having a variety of other trees and fruits is what makes us value them all the more.”

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Dum Dum Deega Deega (Dancing in the Rain)

We all have problems but the way to solve it is to have a different outlook towards the situation.

Watch in this short film how a little boy Ajju sorts out his problems. The story of a beggar child, Ajju, who lives on the streets of Mumbai, but dreams big. He challenges his unfortunate fate, with nothing but a ‘different outlook’ towards the situation he faces.


Century – A Republic day short film | Be Kind | Be Hero

Century is a story of unsung heroes of India who work consistently towards development of our society but their work never gets recognised.


Aagun Pakhi || Inspiration & Ordinary Person

Bipin Ganatra has been fighting fires ever since he lost his brother at a young age. For 40 years, his bravery and spirit have made him an honorary member of the Kolkata Fire Department. Watch as ‘Aagun Pakhi’ takes on the raging fires and saves lives, every day.


Ambulance Dada || Inspiration & Ordinary Person

Malik and Armaan Malik shares a fun time with Comedy King Kapil Sharma in his Mohalla in the 15th Episode of ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’. To watch it online Download the Sony LIV app.