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Bachelor of Science course for graduation

Bachelor of Science

Bachelor of Science Degree

With most students opting for courses like engineering,medical and law after class 12th , BSc degree comes as a good alternative . Especially when you don’t want to do engineering .

Today, vastly opted streams in India  like engineering itself, are losing their color  because of the very high number of students applying for them . Also be cause very less good jobs are available in comparison.

Many students will still opt for a BSc course from a good university rather than studying Engineering or MBBS at an average college.

Studying BSc has benefits of its own. The only problem is that the course is not much advertised by schools. Students are unaware of the career prospects after a BSc degree .

Bachelor of Science can be a wonderful course provided the student is aware why he or she is doing it .

What does a BSc course imply?

BSc is a graduate-level course in science related subjects. The students can choose between plain BSc or a BSc (Hons.) course. Those interested in fields of computers and Information technology can opt for BSc (Computer Science/IT).

The traditional BSc courses include subjects like PCM, physics, mathematics, chemistry, biology, zoology, statistics and home science to name a few.

In addition , the  professional BSc. courses cover more job oriented subjects like agriculture, animation, aquaculture, biochemistry, bioinformatics, genetics, computer science, fashion technology, electronics, multimedia, physiotherapy, psychology and many others.

Who should do BSc after school and why?

  • Who are keen in doing research work
  • Students interested to turn to college academicians in their career
  • Who want an alternative to engineering and yet be in a Science course
  • Students who want to prepare for different government  jobs
  • Students who are interested in pure sciences
  • When a student finds theoretical work more appealing than practical applications

Benefits of taking BSc 

  1. Emphasis on more theory -i.e., more core concepts will be discussed. Students who find theories appealing , should find this course a thrilling ride.
  2. Research opportunities -a BSc degree can go a long way and may finally turn a student into a scholar in a specific field of study .He-she may become a scientist or a college professor in his career,depending on his interests and capabilities.
  3. It is a 3 year course unlike engineering and Mbbs which are 4 and 5 years respectively.But the students who want to do research studies from the very start can opt for a 4-year Bachelor of Science(research) course.
  4. Employment opportunities in the R&D(research and development) sectors of industries,etc.Governments hire people for R&D too and so it becomes a good choice for government job aspirants.

Written by :Nalin Bhatt

For more career related advice ,visit  the  youtube channel of Yuvamanthan  :  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfzJt14kLSHHH-jqFu8pxNw


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