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The world has seen rapid evolution in the last 25 years. The way that technology is intertwined with our lives today could not have been imagined before. From something as […]
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How often do you feel that You are not able to concentrate? or your mind just wanders off to different places ? Don’t worry ! it happens to all of […]
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“Just a puff”, everyone said and that’s how it all started. Unofficial fresher’s party at college, not wanting to be called out a loser, she gave it a try. She […]
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India is the biggest youth power in the world now. We are working on many problems and trying to come up with easy, less expensive and sustainable solution for varieties […]
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“Mumma why are there seeds in different bags?” asked Ganesh on his first visit to nursery. His mother smiled, “Son all those seeds are of different trees and they will […]
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Our parents are our creator, the God, who made us what we are today and what we will be in future. They have sacrificed many days and night, and even […]
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We all have problems but the way to solve it is to have a different outlook towards the situation. Watch in this short film how a little boy Ajju sorts […]
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Did you stopped walking when you fell down after your first step? Did you stopped writing  When it was hard to write B, after learning A? Or did you just […]
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You have the power of sun to shine the universe, and the calmness of the moon to make more pleasant earth. You have the stillness of the river to handle […]
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Century is a story of unsung heroes of India who work consistently towards development of our society but their work never gets recognised.
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