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I have now passed my bachelors and live an independent life. I look back and see that a lot has changed, in the past few years. I grew up and by that I mean not just physically but mentally and emotionally. I remember the day I entered my college. I was a pampered child of my house, also was loved unconditionally and suddenly I saw my life was changing. I came to live in the hostel with a few strange people in a room obviously, not everybody was my kind. I was the kind of person who did not socialize much, who used to stay in bed and get all the work done by the maid or anyone else but me.
I had issues since day one. Adjustment issues, working issues, being independent was yet another task I was doing badly at. I kind of got habitual of complaining about everything that ever happened to me, and blamed my parents for ruining my life and freedom. I started to get depressed and isolated myself, even more, had no friends to share things with and neither did I feel the need.
But one day, like other normal days, I was trying to do the dishes and I saw this girl, small, weird but pretty in her own manner, washing her own clothes. And it amused me more knowing the fact that she actually was my neighbor roommate. I then started to often check upon her and the way she lived her life. I noticed that she had more reasons to complain than me but she managed to keep quiet somehow and put a smile on her face like she owned it.

She went to the dining hall all by herself, washed her clothes and the dishes, did her homework, studied hard and went to the college. She used to talk to everybody kindly, obviously, that was pretty normal a thing to do, and you might think I’m crazy that I am appreciating such a thing. But the reality that got me awestruck was to know that she was a specially abled child, there were no colours in her life and the ones that were, she couldn’t see, yet her world was more beautiful and colourful than any other person I saw until now.

She inspired me and made me feel the worth of the sacrifice my parents made for me. I knew then that sending me to a place far far away from them, was not to punish me. But it was to build a bright future and let me learn the responsibilities of life and give me the strength to fight all the problems that ever come my way. I literally thanked the small girl in my heart and adjusted well.

By the time I passed my bachelors I had a lot of friends. I kind of became a master cheff. I did participate in activities that took place in the college and my hostel, and I loved my life there.  It was a life changing experience and I cherish it now as a gift.  This is my story, and it might not seem deep enough but from where I see it, I feel this is the major part of me. I’ll carry all the memories I’ve made through.

Self-confidence is one thing one must possess. It is like having clothes on cause we cannot possibly go out without it and so, same is with self-confidence. Life is mysterious and sometimes brings hurdles but we must not get disappointed or discouraged by them. Hurdles are there to make us more strong and better so that we may achieve our goals easily. Inspiration is another quality to be grabbed. As it leads us to the right path and guides us to know more and continuously sharpens to shine better. No matter how hard some situations may feel, self-confidence and inspiration will always lift us up and will lead us to success.

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