Saturday Surprise #1

Hello, Friends! enjoying the weekend. We are starting our new section in Yuvanatahan Blog name Saturday Surprise. And as the name suggests you what we are going to post under this name is a surprise. It may be some videos of your favourite cartoon episode, or my favourite music,  or may be some good talk. It can be anything. Be excited to open a bundle of surprise every Saturday.

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First Principle thinking: Elon Musk’s way to solve the problems

Elon is perhaps the world’s most innovative and successful entrepreneur. He is a  nonconformist and thinks that he can change the world. He is one of those few human beings who think differently, out of league someone can ever imagine.

Elon’s company SpaceX has developed a new technology to reuse the orbital launch system as many times as you want. The idea of reusing the orbital launch system can save a lot of money and make space mission more economical. It’s brilliant, isn’t it? Tesla Sedan S and other electric vehicles are also another examples of his excellent innovative thinking.

So, the question is how does Elon think differently than us? In many of his interview, Elon has talked about his way of think differently and is called First Principle Thinking.  and anyone can use this principle to solve problems in the more generic way.

What is first principle thinking?

In Elon’s  words ” First principle is a physics way of looking at the world, what that really means is that you boil things down to the most fundamental truths and then reason up from there…that takes a lot more mental energy.”

How will it help you?

Reasoning by first principle is important because it helps you to break down the situation at ground level and look at the fundamental facts. Understanding of the fundamental facts of the situation can help you to develop your own way to solve a problem rather than looking it as the rest of world thinks.

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Put your Best Foot Forward…

The long and tiring admission procedure dominates aspirant’s minds as soon as they are done with their intermediate exams , which involves various life-changing decisions. A lot of pressure and huge expectations are placed on a student’s shoulders after all its that’s why we study, to make a  bright career . And the juncture that most students get caught up at is the great debate of the college versus  course.

On one hand one have a prominent, reputed college with great market value of its own, while on the other hand you have your interests, your desired course. So its definitely  a very tough call to make. With such cut throat competition one can’t simply pursue any course in any college. The decision has to be well thought of.  And before making this decision, a student should understand that a college tags for three/four years while the discipline tags throughout the career.

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And finally, he was free, free to live his dreams and his life, Free to feel safe and finally, he was happy. He wouldn’t have to sleep with tears in eyes and scars on his soul. He would not just be an object anymore but will be an individual with an identity of his own.His breaths will not be forced and controlled but as pure as he wants. He would no more be scared of the dark. He wouldn’t be frightened by the mere thought of footsteps reaching towards him

They all talked a lot about their security, their rights, feminism, molestation blamed all men for everything happening to her. He watched it all, heard it all yet kept quiet cause if he would have opened his mouth, the world would have made fun of him and laughed. He wrote it down and shared each of his feelings with none but himself.
And finally, when they reported yet another rape case and the victim being murdered thereafter, he didn’t feel bad or dropped a tear, he didn’t feel sorry anymore, he rather smiled for the victim now, was once a molester.Continue Reading..


Positive thinking leads to positive life

Positive thinking is a skill that can be learned to create happiness. According to psychology, our mind controls our body. Each person is very much capable of controlling their own mind to achieve what they desire but sometimes we fail to do so. We fail because we value others thoughts and judgments in spite of believing on own thoughts. And leads us to the nasty world of negativity. So, taking the control of your mind becomes an important factor in keeping your body healthy.

Positive thinking starts with self-talk.

Self-talk? What is it?

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