What is spirituality?  Spirituality, in essence, is the practice of self-realization.  It is about reflection, disidentification, honesty, introspection, and experiencing states of consciousness that are more vast than ordinary ego-consciousness.

In a world that is consumed by materialism, consumerism, and a hollow 9-5 lifestyle, practicing spirituality is more essential than ever before.  It’s too much to ask the world to fulfill us, and it’s silly to expect the most ideal circumstance to drop down from the sky at our feet.  But even if we could have the ideal life we think we want for ourselves, would that really fulfill us?  Or would we just be bringing the same beliefs, emotions, programs, and habits into a different external environment?

The truth is, life is only meaningful if you find meaning within yourself.  And you can only find meaning within yourself if you experience first-hand the fullness and richness of life.  And you can only experience the fullness and richness of life if you have a clear mind, an open heart, and operate from a high level of consciousness, presence, and stillness.

Here are 5 reasons spirituality is essential to life:

1) It leads to more happiness

Contrary to what we have been programmed to believe, true happiness does not come from material gain.  Nor does it come from living the ideal lifestyle, having lots of free time, or even from personal accomplishments.  These things CAN make us happy, but only for a season.  Spirituality calls us to look inside ourselves for a type of happiness that does not fade and does not arise from external circumstances.  As someone once said, happiness is an inside job.

2) It’s the only thing that can fulfill you


You will search your whole life trying to find meaning, bliss, and purpose, but you will always be let down until you realize that only self-realization can truly satisfy the thirst of your spirit.  No job, goal, relationship, or amount of wealth can satisfy the craving you have for something deeper.  The only real way you can be truly fulfilled in life is through self-realization and spiritual health.  Meditate, spend time in nature, read, explore, and practice mindfulness.  At the end of the day, all forms will pass with time and therefore cannot fulfill you.  But when you get in touch with the part of yourself that does not pass with time, you will step into the richness of life for the first time.

3) It makes you a better version of yourself

Everyone wants to be the best version of themselves.  We all want to be the most free, compassionate, strong, wise, and loving people we can be.  But the truth is, these kind of results don’t just come about by themselves.  Personal transformation requires attention, reflection, practice, and honesty.  If you want to share yourself into the person you want to become, you have to make yourself a priority.  When you make yourself a priority, you start to learn and discover things about yourself that otherwise would have went unnoticed.  Becoming a better version of a human being is simply a consequence of pursuing spirituality.  You can’t help but evolve into something greater.

4) It makes you see the bigger picture


You aren’t just a flesh blog travelling through space who was born here to pay bills and complete tasks.  You are the infinite experiencing itself as the finite, and your consciousness is the point at which God explores infinite possibility.  When you begin to get still, you start to feel more connected to everything around you.  You realize you are not separate from the energy of the universe.  Somehow, everything is connected and is a part of you.  Once you sense this within yourself, the meaning of life begins to change for you.

5) It allows you to break free from programming

Without spirituality, we exist only as our history, our body, and our programming.  Without that extra ingredient of introspective awareness, we are subject to the programming we have experienced from relationships, media, belief systems, and our culture.  When you begin to get still and watch the mind, you will see that the majority of our thoughts are rooted in things other than presence.  Most of our thoughts are habits and patterns which are shaped by our past and our programming.  Spirituality allows you to step outside of yourself and play the role of the witness to your own mind.

There is nothing more essential than the pursuit of happiness, and there is nothing more essential to the pursuit of happiness than self-discovery.  This is what your heart REALLY longs for.  It’s not riches, fame, free time, or luxury.  It’s freedom, peace, and contentment.  These things can only come about on your terms and can only arise from within yourself.

More than every, we need spirituality in our lives.  Suicide is currently the 10th leading cause of death in America because of how spiritless, hollow, boring, and lifeless our culture is.  People are not being taught the importance of self-discovery.  And in a time where greed is destroying our planet and our civilization, the future of our species might just depend on whether or not we make our own personal development a priority.

source: thespiritscience


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