Risk uthane wala hi apna naam banata hai

Manzil milegi usko jo andhiyo mein chalna janta hai. Jo chalta hai wo pata hai.Risk uthane wala hi apna naam banata hai. Jo Dar gya wo mar gya. Take a risk.


Its time of Selfie

Selfie is a short film based on daily incidents faced by every ‘common man’.
It interpretes whatever people have perception about us, may be by our clothes, our appearance, etc.
We know who and what we are in every respect.
We all must click our inner ‘selfie’ !


Interview – Attitude is Everything

This video is for those students who are looking for the jobs. and it is about the attitude that one(HR) who seeks in others in the placement procedures. Not only Attitude; Confidence, Skill & Boldness. Students should learn from this video that attitude is everything.


Stay ahead With your choices

Life is all about doing better than yesterday. We need experience, knowledge and many other things to make it better then yesterday. Choice is one of them, Our Today is depend whats we choose yesterday and our tomorrow is depend on what we choose today. Its all about your choices. You can stay ahead with your choices if you choose correctly. So choose wisely.

This video will realize, you where are we going.


Behave yourself, Youth is watching

Continuing its dialogue with the youth, The Hindu urges them to take responsibility for the governance they get, by putting politicians on the spot for their unparliamentary behaviour. The brand now focuses on a democratic system gone awry and urges the youth to take a proactive stand.

Behave yourself, Youth is watching